Hawkshaw welcomes you to do the softest way of doing business.

While you sit and relax, we solve the troubles faced by
you disturbing your business flow. In addition to this, we provide remarkable solutions at an economical price. Incorporating dual platforms IRONA AI and IMMERSIVE to make our products


Hawkshaw aims to provide the software to solve the business problems with the constant alliance of intelligence.

At Hawkshaw we are focussing not only on the software developing strategies, but we are reconsidering the ways businesses are being managed by the traditional and tactical facilities management making a drift towards smarter, predictive, and exclusive potential solutions. By delegating individual and machines to achieve their best level of efficiency, we help to build the environment booming towards stable sustainability.


In this tech-driven era, the world wants ease in every aspect of life, mostly in the business. With individuals likely to use software for everything in order to increase efficiency. And here the point comes every software does not stand good as per its expectations for business trouble-shooting.

Business software are very ill-chosen, expensive, hard to set up and most importantly require a lot of expertise to work upon like employees nannying the software. A lot of precious time is wasted customizing the solutions and they often require exorbitant professional services so that everything with that software works well.

THAT is WHY at Hawkshaw, We ease your troubles and solve them efficiently by continuously enhancing the software as per the demand. We keenly study every business process and provide exceptional solutions by our software tools.We mingle every business with intelligence and help achieve you the best.

Everything can always be done better than it is being done

Henry Ford__


Introducing the IRONA AI and IMMERSIVE platforms.

IRONA AI is our program that combines Artificial Intelligence with our products. Hawkshaw Inc equips Artificial intelligence to empower the business with our products.

Immersive is our platform through which we integrate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with our products exclusively designed to customer-centric needs.

Hawkshaw always aims at making the business to the next level of creativity and success with the aid of our products.

Our Team


Hawkshaw is backed by an outstanding squad of tech-talent.

Together HAWKSHAW team ushers business software and Intelligence. We have thoroughly done the research, built, shipped and scaled the best world-class software together. We have assembled an oriented team of talented, aspiring and fun-loving people committed towards escorting substantial technology to the big world of business.

Our Pledge

Aim to ease business doing

As a major share of the business depends on software, we at HAWKSHAW Inc, continuously rethink the ways to facilitate the ease of business doing through software. At Hawkshaw Inc we are passionate about efficiency as well as persistently driven to make a great impact on the world and courage to continue that counts.