Irona AI is a research platform powered by Hawkshaw Inc. Our mission is to ensure that artificial intelligence benefits all the business in ease of doing it. We will attempt to directly build safe and beneficial AI.

Business using Irona AI

Irona AI platform continuously works on improving the business software with arfificial intelligence. Whether product development, accounting, cutomer support, sales and marketing, Irona AI strives hard and hard to make these business processes ease.

Eyes on your customers

Irona AI understands the sentiment and content of your support tickets. Irona AI tags each support ticket as it comes in so it gets to the right person.

Make Predictions

By analyzing your sales history, Irona AI uses machine learning to identify your likelihood of winning each deal. Irona AI predictions to win more deals that are at risk of falling through the cracks.

Get suggestions

By analyzing when each client opens emails, answers calls, and visits your website, Irona AI suggests the best time to contact them so you can get in touch on the first try.

What will Irona AI do for you?

Irona AI will be your personal intelligent assistant

At Hawkshaw, we believe every business should have access to AI/ML that is quick to deploy, affordable, and without enterprise complexity or pricing. We are built for every business no matter the size. We employ democratic design principles to build an AI that’s an accessible, helpful, and non-threatening “friend” to drive end-user productivity.

AI across the end-to-end Business process

Irona AI continuously scans your data and learns from all your data across production, quality, marketing, sales, and support. It will assist every process of the business through software and make it as easy as possible. We believe every business should have access to artificial intelligence and machine learning, here Irona AI fills that space.

Provide compelling insights and predictive intelligence

It will discover patterns in your data and insights that aren’t visible to the naked eye. With machine learning algorithms, Irona AI will allow you to re-calibrate your efforts, and get ideas for improvements. For example, Irona AI automatically resolves duplicate leads and contacts in the system using text-matching techniques. This helps ensure that the same lead is not processed by different salespeople.

Separate signal from noise

Sifting through huge amounts of data can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Irona AI will help you cut through the noise and identify what tasks to prioritize. For example, On support tickets that are resolved, replies like “Thank you”, “Your support is awesome!” and “Out-of-office” reopen tickets and can mess up resolution time metrics. Irona AI  Thank You Detector can detect whether a reply should reopen a ticket or not. With capabilities like this, Freddy optimizes overall productivity.

How is Irona AI different?

Irona AI works across the entire business process – from production to customer success. The platform  Irona AI was designed keeping one core value in mind – Ease of Doing Business. A Business Process involves many divisions and lot of complexities, here Irona AI will be acting different. Irona AI not solves the complexities also provides highly customized solutions to individual divisions through business software. Irona AI will be focused on the future of Touchless Interfaces to make more and more ease of doing business.